Season Launch

We would like to invite your all to attend the season launch for the Mighty Lake Mac Roos.

You have the choice of an early mark on Friday 13th March to enjoy a few lazy holes of golf at Waratah Golf Club, whilst maintaining consistent and safe hydration levels.

Our group of sporting geriatrics Heroes and Villains will be assisting the Roos launch their season and also attending their sports dinner later that evening at Club Macquarie.

Those attending and quite possibly giving up a few secrets and confirming rumours about some of past team mates will be the gorgeous Nikki Hudson who played over 300 games for the Aussie women’s hockey team winning countless world champs, commonwealth games & Olympics.

The best looking and most talented of the Ella brothers, Glen Ella { by the way Glen writes his own promos } and myself Brett Kenny, I played a few games with Parramatta rugby league.

I suspect the Croatian Bomb Thrower, Max Krilich will turn up to rob everyone on the course as well.

Hope to see you all there!

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